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PUMA King Match Soccer Ball

There are soccer balls. And then there's the King Match Ball. It's one you want to be casually dribbling around on the sidelines when the pros come out to play. (In your dreams? Maybe. But you never know...) Or the one you bring out for that season-clinching it's-gonna-come-down-to-the-last-second final against your team's arch nemesis. With 32 hand-stitched panels designed for a soft touch and shape retention, reinforcements for stability and water repellence, and the official stamp of approval that lesser balls only dream of, this one's got everything you need to lock down that victory. Assuming you bring your A-game, of course. Features: Professional quality match ball, FIFA® APPROVED for the highest level of performance Hand-stitched 32 panel ball with equal surface areas for reduced seam stress and a near-perfect round shape 1.4mm PU casing for a soft touch and high abrasion-resistance Stitched with 5-ply polyester thread; seams constructed to allow an even flow of air for a perfect aerodynamic performance Multilayered textile backings for enhanced stability, reinforced with latex for increased water repellence Six wing latex bladder for superior touch, with PUMA AIR LOCK valve for air retention Packed with inflation needle Bold PUMA Cat Logo and King branding
Customer reviews for King Match Soccer Ball
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